Nowadays in Africa, many companies, issues with recruitment have become an undeniable reality.
That is, at least what the indicator Bpifrance has suggested. According to Bpifrance, 83% of SME and middle market companies are suffering from recruitment related issues. Even worse, 72% of them have experienced a constraint on their development because of that situation. Consequently, some jobs within the human resources profession are increasingly sought for. But which ones? Find some answers in the following…

Recruiting manager

Despite an ideal existing job market that makes it easier for candidates with good profiles to find a job, it still remains difficult for companies to find the good profiles that are necessary to the efficient running of their company. The reason behind this situation is the fact that the level of expectation companies have is very high and there are not that many available good candidates. It is therefore necessary to look over tons of resumés in order to find the perfect ones. This is why recruiting managers have a strategic role to play in facing the challenging that come with finding the talents. Moreover with the digitalization of certain professions, the employee’s skills will evolve, and the recruiting manager will have to take new criterion in consideration like soft skills, to select candidates.

Payroll administrator

Unlike others professions, payroll administrator has not been affected by the 2009 crise. This type of profile is getting more and more rare in the market in the sense that it does not appeal to candidates. Payroll administrators have set their sights on HR development professions even more. Even better, former accountants who used to be attracted by that career are getting rare now. Despite what people think of this job, payroll administrators must possess good people skills.

Social work lawyer

A social work lawyer is someone who is crucial to the company. He supports the HRD in all staff meeting bodies and social partners related matters. This specialist is in a way a guardian in labour laws in an individual or collective scale. He is the direct contact of union representatives. In addition to his legal expertise he can also act as the human resource. This is the reason why he is rated 3 at the highest salary jobs for people with five years experience. According to PageGroup 2020 study on salary compensation, at least. If he possesses a degree in social rights, he is more likely to have a gross salary ranging between 65 000 and 75 000 euros a year.

HR assistant

This new trend that makes HR assistant profiles very popular is a golden pot for young human resources graduates because this profession is a real springboard for all young professionals willing to have a career in that department. He would be happy to be considered as one of the most wanted profiles in 2020. « The more the companies hire people the more they have to prepare work contracts, plan training registration… In order to reduce the work loads within the administration, companies do not hesitate to hire HR assistants that are multipurposes employees on study training programs » says the Page Personnel HR expert. It is true that the level of responsibility is not very high but the variety of tasks performed related to it, offers plenty of experiences for juniors who want to have more training.