We mentioned in a previous article, the method to a good preparation before a yearly performance review. Now, it is more about focusing on the keys to a successful interview, on the process itself.

Have a good attitude and be opened to discussion

The majority of candidates who fail their yearly performance review are those who make the mistake of not having an opened and consensual attitude and not being attentive. Let us remind you one more time, that the goal of this interview is not to put you on a trial but more like reviewing your performances in order to help you improve.  It is therefore crucial to be opened to criticism and negative comments if you want to have a successful yearly performance review, basically being able to question yourself. The extreme attitude would be to be too relaxed or aggressive during you yearly interview because that would certainly not work on your favor. That type of behavior will not serve you right. If, for example, your boss questions your management skills, why not take this criticism in a positive way and ask for a training in “team management”, in order to fix that issue? Being able to always come up with proposals is a plus in a company.


Respond to criticism in a constructive manner and think solutions…

It is possible that the things that did no work out are not your fault, or don’t have anything to do with your abilities. There is a chance that some projects you were in charge of did not work out because of a lack of means. You have two options on how to talk about it, during your yearly interview, to the person you will have in front of you. Option number one, you put the blame on your manager and say it failed because of a lack of sufficient means. Option number two, you take full responsibility and offer alternative suggestions. Option number two is for obvious reasons, harder to do but it pays off the most, because it will be more appreciated by the person you will be talking to as he will see you as someone capable of offering solutions for any obstacle that would come his way. You will win some extra points on your yearly review. You  will be showing out your future managing skills, what could be determining the day you get a promotion.

Get yourself involved in your yearly review

Once the interview is done, an assessment evaluation will be put in place. It is up to your employer to create a ”post interview” follow up, in order to guide you and help you turn the decided measures into reality. There could be one or other interviews in between your yearly review, depending on the company. Even though it is upon your employer to follow up on that, it is a process that you as an employee should get yourself involved in. Take those interviews  as opportunities to show out your contributions to the company, your successes, and how difficult it is to resolve some issues. The interest you will put on your yearly review, will show your supervisor that you are capable of quickly processing critics and putting something that was discussed together into effect.