It is quite often for recruiters to not tell you how soon they will contact you afterwards. You could stay a long time without hearing from them.

After a certain time of patience, you start to wonder if you should contact the recruiter or no, but you don’t want to be seen as someone impatient or hasty. How do you handle all that? Here are some tips to help you put all the chances on your side.

Do not rush into follow-ups

after an interview, many candidates long for that phone call especially when they had the feeling that there was a real connection with the person they were talking to and that it went pretty good. As a candidate, if you happened to be in that type of situation, you must not give in contacting the recruiter right away. You must understand that, first the company allows itself a certain time to process and select the candidates, and the person you talked to might not be the only one who gets to decide in others words it might not be up to him.

Next, do not rush into sending a follow-up message to the recruiter immediately afterwards because if you are actively looking for a job, it is good to have in mind that you could possibly have other opportunities and that you are not putting all your eggs into that one basket. If the recruiter had expressed to you that the position was available immediately then there is nothing wrong with sending a thank you message the next week just to let them know that you are here.

When is the right time to send a follow-up ?

If after waiting for ten days, you still have no feedback on your application, then you should send a follow-up message. That would be a second opportunity for you to expose your motivation and explain briefly the reasons why you are interested in this job. “if you have had an interview with the hiring company and they have given you a time limit on the feedback that just passed then you can send a follow-up email to the person who you told you about it “two days after due date “says the counselor Laurent Hyzy leader of Alterconsult. If you still have gotten no answer from that follow-up then send another one every week, stop at three. If on the other hand, the recruiter had informed you that he would reach out to you but will not give you a certain time limit for doing so then send a keep in touch email every month to let him know that you are still interested in that position. At the same time, commit yourself 200 % into other possibilities“ she added.

Phone calls or emails follow-ups ?


You can send a follow-up through emails or phone calls. However, the second option should be the first choice, especially if you have applied for a position in a small company or if you have had a special connection with the recruiter who manifested some interest in your application.

Make sure to only contact the person who you have met with. If you have to go through the

switchboard then when asked about the reason for you calling: “I would like to speak with Mrs or Mr X following our meeting on [date] because he or she was supposed to call me back.”,

suggested a HR specialist. If they tell you that that person is in a meeting then give you name and number so he can remember you and directly contact you on your phone.