Even though it is after all, the role of the recruiter to ask questions to the candidate to find out if his profile and personality can be a good fit for the vacancy, it is also important for the candidate to do as well. Asking questions to the recruiter allows you to clarify certain points  whether it is about the mission itself or about the work method inside the structure, it also shows your interest and commitment to the job. The questions you will ask, will be just as important as the ones you will answer. This approach could help you win some points and put the chances on your side. Here are 5 examples of questions to ask at your next interview.

What do you expect me to do in the next 90 days?

If you ask yourself that question you will show that you want to start right away and make a difference from the get go. People will see you  as someone committed, someone who takes his responsibilities and his position very seriously and take actions. Additionally, It gives the impression that you are someone very organized and know how to set up priorities based on expectations and on a fixed calendar.

what are the few points that determine the results of a structure?

Show that you want to make an impact.  When you ask yourself what makes the difference for a structure it means that you are aware of how it works, its strong points on which you will focus so you can develop the structure. For the good candidates helping the company succeeds means that they have succeeded.

What do all your good employees have in common?

The key is to identify the attributes, on which one should work on and develop, and the skills to acquire, that way one can have an idea of how the company operates and how the team works. If they work long hours or have a rather flexible work schedule. Is the company trying to gain new clients or else retain existing clients? Getting those specific information would mean that you are productive and have long term plans for that peculiar position.

What are your employees doing on their free time?

It is a bit difficult to answer that question but however it needs to be asked. Because asking that question shows that you want to be part of the company and build a relationship with your coworkers so why not share some fun time together out of the workplace. The corporate culture side is a very considerable asset. It is important to have skills since it is what is wanted but it is even more important to possess human skills: the behavior of an employee, his attitude towards his colleagues and superiors etc are all vital aspects that the recruiter will take into consideration.

How do you plan on handling…?

Every company has to deal with major challenges, whether it is new technologies or new competition. When you ask the company about how they plan on handling those issues, you show that you are committed to seeing them grow and you want to find solutions.