Despite all the negative perceptions people sometimes have about the fact that Africa is not very active when it comes to technologies and innovations, the continent still wants to play a major part in the acquisition, the production and the proper application of technological innovation intelligence. In many ways, the reasoning behind it is the fact that it is essential to take technologies and innovations into consideration in the public policy when faced with the challenges of becoming a developed country. However a lot of work need to be done so innovation can become the engine of the transformation and diversification of African economies.

As a matter of fact, multiple organisations have been putting the focus on that matter, for example the African Information Society Initiative and the African Innovation Framework. Those organisations are very much aware of the challenging that the black continent is facing that is why they are working actively in the formulation, the adoption and the implementation of technologies and innovations’ policies.

The ultimate goal is to help African countries speed up their transformation process so they can improve the competition skills within their companies, and ensure the well-being of their citizens including giving them security both individually and collectively. In other words, they want to give constant assistance to help the African Governments create a suitable environment for innovation so they can meet urgent needs like the promotion of a green economy, industrialization, employment and wealth generation. That is the reason why many africans are putting so much effort in technological innovation.

Africa’s young shining stars in technological innovation…

More and more young people are excelling in this new trend in vogue which is technological innovation and the General Manager of  Inter Connect Point Ltd, a Rwanda based technological start up, Abraham Natakunda is the proof. He is behind the design of an ambitious project that apply the principles of IoT (Internet of Things) to improve the quality, control and incomes of African tea value chain. We also have Dr Laud Anthony Basing, another young and creative African Scientist who is the founder and CEO of Incas Diagnostics. He is at the head of a company that design cheap easy to use cutting-edge diagnostics for the African market. This goes to prove that Africa is not behind when it comes to technological innovations.