A salary shouldn’t be a sensitive subject in the working relationship. Every  employee had to talk about the yet sometimes delicate subject of wage bargaining at some point of their professional lives. There is no way around it. Negotiate salary with your employer OKAY, but HOW? The goal behind this questionnaire will be to bring light to the techniques that will allow to successfully accomplish this not so easy task.

  • A salary negotiation must be legitimate

There is an essential rule that you have to keep in mind when it comes to negociate salary which is the fact that employers are not angels. That is the reason why your salary negotiation must be based on well presented and justified facts. It is not about convincing your employer that you can negotiate a salary.  You will have to show him why you want to negotiate your salary? Therefore you will need to prepare good arguments that will be beneficial to you before you go into it. For example, you can explain how efficient you are by showing that you met all the professional goals that your supervisor assigned you to. You can also use your years of experience as an argument by showing that you have never had a raise despite the fact that you have always had good results. In brief, give your employer proofs that you need a raise.

  •  Be realistic …

A raise always represents a type of additional effort for the employer. For that reason, if you want to ask for a renegotiation of your salary, you will need to make sure that what you ask your employer is realistic. The chances of getting what you want will be low If you ask your employer for an excessive raise. It would be safer to try to have a good idea of the common salary that  the people doing the same job as you usually get. Also keep in mind that when you ask for a salary negotiation that you will face a lack of openness and flexibility that will jeopardize the discussion. Do not try to force your conditions upon them. Accept, if needed, to make concessions.


  • Choose the right time

The outcome of a salary negotiation also depends on the moment you have chosen to do so. Don’t be in a rush. Obviously, you don’t go ask to negociate salary when your supervisor is overwhelmed and mad. Do not forget to see if your company is in a good financial health. If it is not or it is facing major issues then asking for a raise would be inappropriate. In any case, there is no magic trick on how to successfully negotiate a salary, the context, the state of mind of your employer and the economic situation of the company are all elements to be taken into consideration.

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