Finding your place in a new team is not always easy. Relationships with new coworkers can be troublesome sometimes. It is understandable because people who don’t know each others need time to understand and appreciate each others so they can work together efficiently. With that in mind, when you have just joined a team, you have a key role to play in successfully settling. 


         1- Be humble 

It is true that you must show your skills in order to be respected and accepted by your coworkers, but that doesn’t mean that you should act as someone who lack humility because that certainly will make it impossible to develop efficient collaboration. You must not give the impression that you look down on your coworkers or question their skills. That could create some type of frustration that could be detrimental to your integration to the team. Whether you are a young hire or an expert executive, settling into a new team is a good way to achieve your mission. Plus, having a good relationship with your coworkers is necessary to make you feel good in a company, it is even a motivation factor for waking up every morning to go to work. Think about it!


          2- Show energy and enthusiasm

Generally, your new colleagues make an opinion about you on the very first contact. That is basic. That is the reason why you should show energy and enthusiasm when you first meet them. As a matter of fact, many HR specialists all agree on the fact that the integration period is crucial for building a positive image in the long term, even beyond carrying out your duties. So in order to successfully settle into a new team, do not hesitate to put a smile on your face,  you must also be discreet and nice. It is also recommended to dress with simplicity. It is only after you are well integrated or if the dress code of the company allows you to, that you can wear a shirt with patterns on it.


        3- do not try to change it all

Your input will certainly be exptected and appreciated by your management. It is a good thing actually that you have specific ideas on how to boost the numbers of your company. But be smart, do not show them off on the first day. “ ont the first days, you must essentially observe, listen and ask questions” an HR specialist advises. Take the time to adapt yourself to the culture of the company in order to better understand its challenges. It is only after a while that you will be able to bring some suggestions to your manager. “ Be careful not to confuse bringing your experience on the table and forcing it”, the specialists tell us.


        4– follow the rules that your team has set up

Of course, the minute you join a team, expect to have some rules to follow. Find out about them so you don’t risk violating them. Certain rules are unfortunately not written down anywhere and you will know them as time goes by. As a new hire, the difficulty lies on following those unwritten rules that exist between coworkers. « You must pay attention to the habits and costumes of the group because there will surely be some tacit or explicit social rules », adds an HR expert. If, for example, your new coworkers usually have lunch together, make sure you go with the flow… at least until you are well settled in. Of course if you notice clans and tensions between certain people, stay away from it. Every office has its way of working anyway. Those operating rules can work during meetings for projects review, or working hours only. Make sure you absorb them fully to better your chances of successfully integrating a team.