As a worker, it is difficult to admit a 100% that you have never experienced a slump at your workplace.
It is actually rather common to be drowsy and on your way of falling down from your chair despite all the efforts you have been making to try to stay focus at work. This state of sleepiness is nothing out of the ordinary. If you happen to experience that, there are some tips that keep you from having an afternoon slump, keep you awake and focus at the office. Find 7 tips under to help you fix your problem.

1. Make sure to have a good night sleep

One of the first things to do in order to keep you from having a slump at work is to make sure you have a good night sleep. Having a sufficient amount of sleep is crucial. For that reason, you need to make sure you go to sleep early so you can have a refreshing sleep. Make sure you sleep at least 6 hours a night with no help from the screen to make you sleep.

2. Have a hearty and balanced breakfast

A healthy and balanced breakfast is essential to keep you from having an afternoon slump. When you have been starving since early in the morning, you will use more energy. Help yourself with bread, fresh fruits, cereals, yogurt… you will feel better in the afternoon.

3. Eat a fruit or some dark chocolate

No need to be a specialist to know that sugar boost your brain and improve your theobromine, a substance that is also present in guarana. That is the reason why sugar is really a booster for our body. So in order to deal with the regular drowsiness, we can eat a fruit or some dark chocolate. Do not hesitate to take a coffee break to recharge your battery.

4. Avoiding drinking some alcohol on lunch break

Avoid drinking alcohol around noon even though you might feel tempted to have some, because it actually is depressing and could make you sleep. However you can eat fish. It is a good thing because fish is full with vitamines and minerals. It will help you fight against fatigue. You can also eat some chickpeas and lentils on lunchtime so you don’t sleep in the afternoon.

5. Move around

After some hours in the office, it is quite normal to have a slump. If you don’t want it to take over, take a 15 minutes break to go breathe some fresh air and walk around a little bit. Doing a set of workout could do you some good.

6. Take a nap

If everything that you have been doing don’t seem to work and you can’t stand on a chair then, stop everything and take a 20 minutes break at least. Don’t oversleep because if you do, you will feel worse after it. If you are working from home, lay down comfortably in your couch. If that is not the case then go to the nap room of your place of work.

7. What about some peppermint?

Peppermint is known for being good at stimulating the organism and providing the brain with oxygen that fight against consistant fatigue. When you are having a slump put few drops on your handle and on your temples and breath.