Millennials are an exciting and interesting part of the workforce on the African continent. They actually represent about 30% of the overall population, however companies do not see that much interest in them and are missing out on hiring great young talents. But as we witness the rapidly changing world, now is probably the best time for companies to take a chance on a promising generation.

  • Loyalty

Born approximately in the 1980s and after, the generation known as millennials have one beautiful thing in common: loyalty. They are not only driven by a pay checks but usually believe in what they do. Therefore, they easily commit to the vision and objectives of an organization and work towards it. It is difficult for a business, especially in Africa, to find an employee that sticks with them and believes in their objectives. Everyone wants their company to perform as best as possible. So it’s essential that the employees build trust and strong relationships.

  • Digital era

Being digitally savvy is a given for millennials. This is a generation that grew up with technology which is something essential nowadays. For this reason, millennials can easily promote your brand or company and give you the upper hand over competition. This could even open an easy way for all African businesses out there to go global.

Also, another positive aspect of their ease with technology, is how easily they can pick up things. In fact, training them to use a new computer system or equipment will not be difficult. So, it is all beneficial in the sense that they can master it instantly. This is a massive plus for your organisation and for you, as an employer.

  • a breath of fresh air

Millennials are full of great ideas and thus able to bring fresh and new perspectives to the company. That ability is certainly due to growing up in a rapidly changing world. Therefore, millennials might just have what it takes to take the company to a whole other level. It’s great for businesses to have employees who are able to remodel and thus allow the business to stand in an ever changing environment. Millennials can therefore find fresh and new ways to tackle some “old” issues some african businesses had been dealing with.

  • Drive

Unlike what is being said, millennials happen to be hard workers when they are really into the job that they do. That is due to the amount of experience and educational background required to enter the full-time work environment. Millennials are aware of the determination all this requires and are willing to impress with their enthusiasm.

Overall, millennials represent a pretty good part of the talents you can find out there and for various reasons. Millennials can in a way give you the upper hand over the competition and even change the way things are done in Africa. Moreover, adapting to change becomes much easier with this generation that already grew up in a rapidly changing era. In conclusion, hiring millennials is, actually the best choice one can make.

By Mahmoud Diop LO


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