In addition to the classical job search tools, nowadays, social media have become an essential tool for job search. From LinkedIn, Viadeo , to Facebook and Twitter, it is important for candidates looking for jobs to know what to use and how to use it. Find the answer below…

What type of social network for what type of job?

The majority of job searchers are storming into the social media to have more visibility and know about all the existing job opportunities. In this internet era that we are living in, it is now possible to apply for jobs, create alerts and quickly respond to offers. This alternatives really pays off knowing that a lot of job offers are available on social media.

For a job candidate, it is important to have a well put together profile, meaning a well-referenced one. Social media also allow candidates to develop their network of contacts in order to increase the visibility of their job applications. Recruiters have became closer to candidates thanks to social media. Even though it might seem like all social media are the same in terms of having broad job offers, they do differ however on some levels.

When it comes to Linkedln for example, it mostly conveys executives or senior executives profiles on a national or international level. In Viadeo, there are more executives and non-executives profiles on a national level.  Finally, Facebook, Twitter have more like an aggressive approach to the job market. Therefore, on Facebook, lots of job groups have emerged this last year in which a lot of jobs have been published for fresh graduates with little or no qualifications. Executives and non-executives are also very important on Twitter. That is, at least what Ana Fernandez, author of “10 steps on using internet and social media to find a job”.

Should we use many social media or only focus on 2?

When you are looking for a job, the idea is to maximize your chances by applying on jobs on more general job website, specific ones and on social media. Having a variety of job search platforms is of course a very good solution to increase the chances of being contacted or being put in contact with the wanted recruiter. Recruiters can, in fact have a high level of commitment or motivation.

For example, it wouldn’t be a bad idea when you are applying to an employer’s offer to do it via the website where you found the job in the first place (jobboard or social media), send your job application on the website of the company where you will usually find the same job posting,  find the name of the HRD and send it to him directly. All those tips will only contribute to showing how motivated you are to get in a company.

What to avoid when looking for a job in social media

Whether you like it or not, in a way, social media portrays a certain image of you that could encourage or discourage a recruiter. That is the reason why, you should absolutely make sure to portray a good professional image. To do that, you should avoid displaying on your profile some signs of your personal life that could be a mismatch to the job you are looking for. It could be for example about ethics or self-management skills.

You should also avoid taking a stand on politics or religion matter for example. Try your best to create an active profile to share information on your line of work in order to display your interest or expertise in your occupation or sector of activity.