Recruitment – As in the rest of the world, recruitment in Africa is disrupted by the technological advances, generating digital skills that have become rare and specific.

Content Manager, Chief Digital Officer or Growth Hacker, these emerging professions are now key and sought-after, because they are better able to respond to specific problems for innovative companies.

However, these profiles tend to give themselves more freedom and flexibility in their way of working, going so far as to refuse permanent contracts, preferring to be a freelancers.

According to a 2016 study by Deloitte, 44% of millennials say they want to leave their current business in the next two years because they feel neglected.

Many companies in Africa are converting to digital. But they need to recruit and keep skilled workers in the field. The shortage of IT and technology specialists in the recruitment market is partly due to freelancing. It offers many more opportunities for varied experiences. More than a work method, it is a new lifestyle that allows some professionals to achieve their full potential through their skills, talents, choices and the expression of their personality.

As a result, it becomes harder for companies in Africa to recruit (and keep) specialized talents for full-time contracts, as they face the need to innovate in a very short period of time. In addition, in the field of computer science for example, many African talents prefer to sell their know-how for companies based outside the continent because it pays off more consistently, while they can work independently.

According to a 2015 study by ManpowerGroup, 38% of global companies say they struggle to fill vacant positions for highly qualified jobs.

Thus, the rapid expansion of freelance communities is pushing the professional world to use creativity to reinvent its recruitment and management processes.

Facing the “talent gap”, especially skills related to technology and computer science, companies in Africa see freelancing as a solution to establish a new trend in the professional world.

Some recruiting specialists in Africa try to help companies struggling to find “freelancers”, for short, medium or long-term contracts.

As a recruitment specialist based in Dakar and Paris, Talent2africais a company that facilitates the recruitment of talented professionals, for large companies in Africa. The platform is also a guide for African and Diaspora professionals seeking access to career and entrepreneurship opportunities on the continent. To do this, Talent2africa has a pool of recruiters and specialized talents, including many qualified candidates motivated by short, medium or long-term freelancing missions in Africa.

Finally, it is undeniable today that the professional world must anticipate changes related to work and place freelancing at the same level as permanent contracts. Companies must engage in a gradual transition to integrate a range of freelance talents into their ecosystems, without upsetting their balance.