Recruitment – The advent of new technologies has led to the creation of new trades that businesses are needing more and more. However these new profiles come with new ways to perceive the evolution of their career.

Content Manager, Chief Digital Officer or Growth Hacker etc. Those are some profiles that have become essential to any company nowadays because they meet the needs to burst into the digital world. However, these profiles increasingly want to work for their own accounts to gain more freedom in their career choices, going so far as to refuse hiring offers on permanent contracts to evolve as freelancers.

According to a 2016 study by Deloitte, 44% of millennials say they want to leave their current business in the next two years because they feel neglected.

Many African companies are moving towards an essential digital transformation, hence the need to recruit competent profiles to ensure this important transformation. The shortage of new technology specialists in the recruitment market in Africa and around the world can be explained by the need for these new types of profiles to have some freedom and recognition in their work. More than a method of working, freelance is an emerging lifestyle that allows some professionals to achieve their full potential through their skills, talents, choices and personalities. This is causing a recruitment problem in Africa for companies that need professionals in the field, right away. In the computer science sector, for example, many African talents would rather share their expertise with companies outside of the continent.

According to a 2015 study by ManpowerGroup, 38% of global companies say they struggle to fill vacancies for highly qualified jobs.

This is why the compagny Talent2africa, specialized in this kind of situation provide solutions to companies facing recruitment problems. Talent2africa, based in Dakar, Paris, Côte-d’ivoire, Casablanca and Mauritania, facilitates the recruitment of talents.

It also guides the professionials in Africa and from the African diaspora that are seeking access to career and entrepreneurship opportunities in the continent. To do this, Talent2africa has a pool of recruiters and specialized talents, including many qualified candidates motivated by short, medium or long-term freelancing missions in Africa.

Finally, it is clear today that companies must take freelancing as a serious alternative to their recruitment problem. They must engage in a gradual transition to integrate into their ecosystems a range of new talents equally competent but eager to have a certain freedom essential for their professional development.

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