The country’s political situation strongly impacts its economy, but also and mainly the working opportunities. Rwanda is a great example of the case. In the aftermaths of its hard political and security situation in the 90’s, the country got to reconstruct. It went from an economically closed country to a blowing economy, promising, where a lot of sectors still recruit, such in the private as the private sector.     Rwanda economic miracle, and mainly political, is a land where the chances to build a great career are numerous. If ever you were thinking about coming back, know that it’s still time.

1. A difficult political past for a better future

    ​It is of the worst political disaster in Africa. The Rwanda genocide, in 1994, moved the whole world by its savagery and its flow. Without coming back on this case which resulted from many years of political fragility accentuated the Belgian colonial legacy, the country succeeded in, during many years, rebuilding. This reconstruction has mainly been possible thanks to a reconciliation process, engaged to move the country on new basis. Rwanda knew, during its transition, between 1994 and 2003, institutional and constitutional changes which allowed the country, under the Paul Kagame’s governance, to restart its economy. On the international plan, the country has, after the genocide found a favorable spot at the African table, but also in bilateral relationships with many states from all over the world. It’s an approach which favorited its economic soaring which blooms day after day. To do so, a lot of restrictive step has been taken. The next presidential elections should occur in 2017.  

2. One of the most attractive economies in Africa

  ​Landlocked in the Eastern Africa, Rwanda manages to implement some important economical and structural reforms during this last decade. These ones allowed the country to improve and to maintain its economic growth. Within 2020, the Rwandan authorities’ ambition is to take the country to a middle income level through, mainly, state investments in agriculture, services, but also education. In the same way, but in a middle term, the government settled up an “Economic development and poverty reduction strategy”. The goals of such a plan are the economic transformation, rural development, productivity’s accentuation but also youth employment. All the country’s economic, social and even political sectors are thus supported in this vein. Also, the private sector, which is mainly informal, starts playing a more important role to ensure an economic growth.

3. Recruitment prospects

  ​In a country where everything is still to build, the employment market is in a perpetual evolution. The more the country’s development plans evolve, the more a sharp knowledge is needed, mainly it comes to rehabilitate infrastructures for example. Also, the agriculture’s modernisation, but also the technical and technological innovation are blowing sectors in the country. At the end of 2015, Rwanda already reached its majority of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and ensures a great living environment, but also adequate conditions for a return in Africa. In addition, its position as a french speaking country in East Africa makes it a central place when it comes to economic and financial exchanges, but also to African policy-making. ​Not only because the country made it after a hard blow undertaken in 1994, but also because the Kagamé’s government implemented the basis, Rwanda is a country where the living is pleasant today, but also where a lot of things can be done. Politically and economically, the working perspectives has developed, and the social and political rebuilding is gone to last for the social stability’s maintenance.