Morocco, the third African economy, has a 4% economical growth planned for 2017,  and one of the most competitive one. With several business and professional opportunities, the country is interesting to consider if ever you want to come back and work in Africa. In Morocco, you can find a lot of international companies and firms prospering, particularly in agribusiness, housing and construction, but also high-tech fields. Because it is important to think about the economical results of any professional investment &/or involvement, discover today Morocco, its economic strengths, but also its professional opportunities.

A promising economic power

Morocco is considered as being the best African representation of Adam Smith’s economic perception, is a country which liberalism determines a lot its financial orientations. During “The Heritage Foundation” 23rd edition’s ranking, in its “Index of Economic Freedom” from February 2017, Morocco appears as being the 86th out of 186 countries where the economical opportunities are highly promoted and the individual prosperity power has been lately reinforced. The first effort to salute in Morocco is the fact of supporting a dynamical private sector by maintaining an open market where the trade, finance and investment freedom is higher than other african countries. Only in 2016, the import-export value reached 81 percent of the GDP, attracting thus more and more investors, but also international firms aiming to take advantage of such an interesting growth. In Morocco, local and foreign investors are often, legally, treated equally, mainly thanks to an investment charter enacted in 1995 and which has be readapted to redefine its content and to create new supporting means to improve the investments level. Even if the tax burden reached 22% of the country’s GDP, on many other points, international companies find a non-negligible advantage to settle in Morocco in the way as the country offers a strategic and a solid base for those wanting to widen all over Africa, Maghreb and sub saharan.

The moroccan “making business”…

In Morocco, the private companies’ creation and registering process has been simplified these last years thanks to the Investments Regional Center’s transparency. Thus, despite some difficulties in the working market due to a lack of qualified talents, the business area has improved lately. Small and middle companies keep on receiving investments to grow, but unfortunately, they meet difficulties to enter the local marketplace. In this way, the informal work’s level shrinked with time and the fiscal, financial and trading freedom are trying to fight corruption in the country. Thereby, the private sector’s reform policy adopted by the Moroccan government is facing many urgent challenges, but is being applicated day by day.

… and working opportunities

Gifted with some of the most diverse and rich cultures in Africa, Morocco has a lot of local productions that are really interesting to export: olive oil, different kind of spices, citrus fruits, legumes, cereals… So many sectors and products on which every position in the value chain can be needed to increase exportations, and to improve the trading balance. Thus, the country is first know for its important mining resources. Third producer and 1st exportator for phosphate, the mining exportations represent around the third of the yearly global exportations value. Coal, plumb, silver, gold, zinc or copper for example are mining resources in which one can find several direct and indirect working opportunities. Also, representing 28% of the GDP, the industrial sector plays a big role in the kingdom’s economy, mainly in the chemical and para-chemical fields, but also the papers, automobile, high tech, electronic and aeronautical fields. More and more, startups born in Morocco to make it one of the African biggest technological hub. Thus, tourism is one of the most promising sectors of the kingdom. Lately, it has registered more than 15 millions visitors in a year. Despite the terrorist threat, the country is still a destination to visit, or maybe to live in, for its multicultural wealth.   In addition to its economic status and its multisectorial job opportunities, Morocco is one of the best destinations to live in Africa. You can have, there, the best part of what the mediterranean miscegenation has to offer. Looking for job there, but also anywhere else around the continent? We welcome you for your African job seeking!