One can’t help but admit that Africa represents one of the main driving force in today’s world growth unless you want to resist to the idea. With an interesting average growth rate, this last few years, the black continent has been attracting multinational companies and investors from all over the world. Turning to Africa has become a very promising trend. This has led to expatriation in Africa being something very popular and more and more important.

Why go to Africa?

You could have a good career opportunity in Africa if you were to work there as an expat. It is however, a priority to know ahead of time what is going to happen to you once you get there no matter how you managed to get a job abroad. In addition to getting an opportunity to learn about a culture that is different and rich, working in Africa will allow you to live a less expensive life because usually life is more affordable in African countries than in Europe or in any other continent. Therefore, you could live a better cheaper life. In terms of housing, the opportunities that you will have are way more interesting.

Work opportunities to take on in Africa

According to World Bank’s estimation, the economic growth of sub-saharien Africa should reach an average of 3.6% in 2019-2020. Thanks to that number, the emerging countries of the continent have been getting more investments from companies. Not only does it contribute to reducing the unemployment rate but it also increases career opportunities for expats. The fact that the oil sector is one of the most promising ones in Africa goes to show that. Angola, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gabon, Algeria, Libya and recently Senegal represent important oil production poles. Thus, due to oil windfall operating needs, the construction business has been booming in most of those countries. Also, the fast growing banking industry is creating new career opportunities for expats. They have been getting opportunities in Maghreb and West Africa in that specific department.

Preparing your departure to Africa

Even though Africa is a land of opportunity, we wouldn’t recommend you to go there without being well prepared. It is actually a must. So, way before you sign your expat contract, make sure you are fine with the terms and conditions that they offer, the financial part especially. That way you won’t have no bad surprise. Even better, it is preferable that your contract also mentions the conditions of your return. The minute you sign the contract, make sure that all the legal conditions are met to allow you to work peacefully in your host country. From the resident visa to any necessary permit that allow you to do your job. You must also check that all your shots are up to date before you get on the plane. For example if the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory, the hepatitis A and B are only highly recommended.