The advent of digital technology has taken the communication world by storm, offering new paradigm of communication different from what we have always known. No one can resist its power, not even Africa. Just like the rest of the world, the African continent is more and more immersed in this quite new digital technology era.

Some even predict the upcoming death of the traditional media such as television, posters and printed advertisements. Digital communication is part of the information science branch and includes the use of digital media such as web, social media, mobile devices. According to several professionals,this new tendency is in vogue because it constitutes a great efficient value and has the potential to reach large numbers of people. All in all, this new trend is, indeed, a pot of gold for job seekers who have now a better chance of finding jobs in that department.

A boom of internet users on the continent

With more than 300 millions of internet users , platforms, tools and online payment methods have literally changed the ways and habits of the continent’s consumers. In Africa, the use of social networks has increased up to 50% in 2016, and is now at 170 millions with 150 millions connecting via their mobiles. Because of that, companies tend to have a strong foothold, online, so they can leave a better mark among the african consumers.

How challenging could it be for the foreign investors?

Digital communication has become such a big issue for the foreign investors that it was the main theme of the annual meeting of the Swiss-African Business Circle (SABC)’s “African Business Day”, on june 23rd 2017 in Zurich. The SABC is one of the main organization that offer a platform for swiss companies working in Africa and for swiss and african officials to share their experiences of the African job market. According to Tobias Becker one of the member of the experts and Directors swiss conglomerate named ABB Group (present in 10 african countries), it is very important to establish a constructive competition between the african countries. It is actually the best way to attract foreign investors in the country, especially in the manufacturing business.

Digital communication and job creation in Africa

One of the practical effect of this digital communication trend spreading all over Africa is the creation of brand new jobs offering new opportunities for job seekers in the continent. thanks to that new digital revolution, jobs in the multimedia field are increasing. Businesses and organizations are forced to adjust to the technological changes and the arrival of new media. Jobs in the communication field are getting more and more popular. from Webmarketer to Project Manager or even Community Manager then Brand content Manager, new jobs are emerging in Africa to meet with the demands in Digital Communication. It is understandable knowing that new  innovations require new demands.