CFC – Morocco finally holds its strong financial center so coveted for years. Located in the city of Casablanca, this new financial hub named Casablanca Finance City, will be located in a 27 storey iconic tower called CFC Authority, built around a 100-hectare ecosystem inside the former Anfa airport. It will be inaugurated in September 2018.

It will serve as headquarters for the CFC, the executive offices of the Bank Al Maghrib Banking Supervision, and will rent offices for the benefit of 15 companies CFC members.

Casablanca Finance City CEO Säid Ibrahimi said in a press conference on February 22, that CFC has chosen a model close to Singapore.

Impact in Africa

“Currently, 144 companies are now labeled CFC, of which 43% come from Europe. They cover or target 46 African countries.

According to CFC management team, 74% of Moroccan investments in Africa in 2017 were made by companies with CFC status. This share represents $ 3 billion, according to an estimate presented on the basis of the figures of the Office des changes.

Great ambitions and impact on employment and recruitment

Presenting a progress report, the sponsors declared that the objectives have been exceeded. According to them, CFC is ranked first financial center of Africa, ahead of Mauritius and Johannesburg.


“Among the 144 companies, there are global giants like Lloyd’s, Huawei, Bank of China, Africa 50 … it stands as a catalyst of both business in Africa and of the reforms in Morocco”. – Saïd Ibrahimi, relayed by Media 24.

According to the latest news, SWC has created a property company that will build an additional 20,000 m2 of office space for renting in the same area. The objective is to improve the rental offer to populate this area as quickly as possible.

With more than a hundred prestigious companies gathered in this hub, the recruitment sector will be even more dynamic. Many opportunities will be offered to skilled African Diasporans looking for jobs, as well as professionals from around the world.

CFC at the heart of pan-Africanism

CFC was launched in 2010, by King Mohammed VI. It is presented as one of the top tools for modernization, growth and internationalization of the financial sector and the economy as a whole, and the influence of Morocco both at continental and international levels.

The institution is positioned around 4 categories of companies: professional service providers, financial companies, Holdings and regional headquarters of multinationals. Key element: these companies must all have an African vocation.