Doing business in Africa is not complicated anymore, at least in some parts of the continent. Indeed,  this last few years, lots of reforms have been put in place in order to make it easier to do business in those countries. In practice,those reforms resulted in creating a business environment that is more convenient and attractive. At least, that is what have been said during the 2019 edition of World Bank’s “Doing Business”.

This recently published ranking puts of Africans countries at the top with a unprecedented record in 2019.. Even better, based on the investors ‘ long-awaited report, it is more convenient to do Business in some African countries than in other more advanced or emerged countries like in Europe for example. Out of nowhere, Mauritius and Rwanda gets ahead of France, Spain, Italy and even Switzerland and Holland.

The overview ranking of the 2019 edition of “Doing Business”

Those who were looking into investing in Africa just landed a deal because they will have little or no bumps, at all, on their road. It is even more true knowing that Mauritius (number 20) and Rwanda (number 29) are in the top 30 of the easier to do business in ,category with a score of 79.58/100 and 77.88/100 respectively. Getting them ahead of Spain (ranked 30 with a 77.68 score), Russia (31st with a 77.37 score), and even the France of Emmanuel Macron  (32nd with a 77.29 score), and China (46th with a 73.64 sore).

They also leave behind, Holland (36), Switzerland (38th), Turkey (43) and Italy (51). Compared to the year 2018 edition, Morocco can be proud of moving up to 9 places ahead and reaching number 60 in the ranking. The same is true for Kenya moving up to 19 places and landing number 61.

Africa in a time of numbers of reforms

The countries that are considered to be getting the most investors are those that offer a strain-free business environment. Africa understands that very well. Based on last year report, a high number of reforms have been noticed all around the world. From June 2nd 2017 to May 1st 2018, some 128 economics have put in place an unprecedented record number of 315 regulatory reforms in order to improve the business environment. Sub-saharan Africa made a new record with a total of 108 reforms this year, compared to last year’s 83.