For job-seekers, even when they combine skills and experience, thoughts and feelings like how will I find another job? How long will it take? Why my jobs applications are not successful, can have an impact on their confidence, behavior or future careers. Even though the latest generation of job seekers shows mostly a positive attitude when hunting an employment, it can be a frightening experience to have stayed a long time without a job. So building confidence in preparation for and during your job search is a necessary step to success. Here are few tips to boost your confidence during the job search:

  • Accept the competition:

Finding a job can be a hard task, especially in Africa where so many young, talented and experienced people have the feeling that they are walking through the jungle, when hunting a job. You can be overwhelmed with all the steps to take in order to find the job of your dreams, but accept the challenge! Some recruiters are facing the skill gap, and you could be that rare bird they hope to have with them.

  • Take 3 hours every day to search for job opportunities on internet and apply at least 3-4 times to different enterprises.
  • Focus on what you can do and how you are going to do it.
  • Create a powerful “door-opener” resume and a cover letter that knocks the recruiter’s socks off!
  • Learn more about your target enterprises, follow all their social network pages and register as a member.
  • Be in touch with people who work there.
  • Know the workplace culture by contacting people in your network.

Double down your chances to get a call back!

  • Think that you are the right person someone is looking for:

Think that the person looking for you is at the other side of the jungle, praying to find you. All you have to do is to find each other. Be confident and trust your qualities, both personal and professional. Think of yourself as a special person who can always make a difference.

  • Be committed:

No pain no gain. Looking for a job is a big commitment. Think you are a soldier on a mission   until the contract is signed, then you can relax.

  • Work smart
  • Find the right job hunting methods, accept suggestions from others , go to talent2africa.com
  • Send emails and if possible, call the enterprise, tell them your appreciation of their work.
  • Make suggestions using their contacts from the website; don’t hesitate to tell them you are interested in what they do.
  • Practice, practice, practice! :

Nothing builds confidence quicker than practice interviewing.

  • Talk to yourself being both the job seeker and the recruiter.
  • Imagine an important company called you for an interview, have in mind what is on your CV
  • Learn how to introduce yourself, as a candidate: talk about both your personal and professional life, your skills. The idea is to show how special you are.
  • Create a winning image:

When you look good you feel good. You’ve heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” What you wear to the interview definitely impacts your self-confidence.

  • Go to talent2africa.com or Linkedin, and create your profile.
  • Think of “branding” yourself, (talent2africa.com is very useful), and by developing a marketing plan, preparing a resume, and networking with anyone who can potentially help you, be sure that more recruiters will be interested in you.
  • Prepare to be on screen: you can practice in front of a mirror, choose a place where you can avoid unexpected visitors.
  • Create a blog or website where you can share your ideas, demonstrate your skills, and be appreciated by people.
  • Get involved in community activities.
  • Don’t talk too much or too little

When you people who lack self-confidence either talk too much or too little. Nervousness sometimes causes out of control chatter or rambling. It can also make people clam up. You need a balance. Building confidence comes with practice. In conclusion, your self-confidence is critical to your success during the job interview, and even before. Losing confidence can have a negative impact on your mind, your professional career, your life!