In theory, the return to Africa is an ideal, a wish, an ambition or a project rooted in the minds of many diasporans. But in practice, integrating or reintegrating professionally on the continent as a “returnee” is a challenge (sometimes) difficult, but not impossible to take up.

Many testimonials from professionals of the African Diaspora who chose to go back to the continent attest to the difficulties encountered in the search for opportunities, but there are many success stories at the end of these human and professional adventures.

Indeed, Africa offers career or business opportunities that the talents of the Diaspora can’t ignore. But on the road to success, it will be necessary, according to several testimonies, to learn to understand the realities of the continent, to master them for a better vocational adaptation or professional development and (re) integration.

According to the testimonies, these steps are crucial. But they are worth overcoming because there is at the end, more chances of success and personal development.

(VIDEO) Here are some testimonies of “returnees”. They are talents from the Diaspora who have chosen to put their expertise at the service of their country of origin. They talk about their African “adventure” full of obstacles, but they could not resist the call of Africa and ignore its opportunities that the generally Western market refuses to offer them.