Technology innovations have yet to turn the professional world upside down. The changes that they are bringing are forcing workers to get out of their comfort zone and throw themselves in the fast growing job market of the future. It is even more true knowing that a study made by World Economic Forum revealed that 65% of the children who have started elementary school this last years will do jobs that don’t exist yet. Therefore technology innovations will result in the creation of new jobs. One should be prepared to not miss the progress of the world. It is essential for companies to get their employees ready for tomorrow’s jobs. For that to happen,one has to think about a new way of training.


Train your employees to become thristy for knowledge and go-getters 

Training your employees to jobs that don’t exist just yet is a hard task to handle. It is necessary to have them ready to open up to new skills. The main goal of the employer will be to boost the curiosity of its employees by training them into people who are thirsty for knowledge and go-getters. Naturally,this new approach is totally different from the classic training concept based on the short term, for the simple fact that the speed evolution of jobs in the companies makes it impossible not to have planned trainings in the future. You must make your employees want to acquire some knowledge.

Prepare your employees to consider a career change in a peaceful manner 

It is a knowed factor that technology innovations will result in creating new jobs, however on the downside some professions will also have to disappear because of the digital era. The employees will have to get use to that new reality and acquire new techniques that will allow them to quickly retrain in new jobs. A worker will now be able to go from one profession to the other all through his professional life and acquire new skills. It is in the companies’ best interest to keep the employability of their employees in the years to come in order to set themselves aside eom the bunch.

Make it easier for employees to have access to training 

Training employees have always been something necessary for companies to do but sometimes it tend to be underestimated or ignored by employees who are more interested in making profits. Today, the way things are going,  getting training for the jobs of the future is becoming a viability for the company. It is necessary to look training differently and make it more accessible. The companies will have to handle the school education now. Training should not be viewed as an obstacle. It is something that has to be the company’s own decision to prepare the employees.

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