The American company Mercer has published its 2018 survey of cities with the best quality of life. The study is published in a time where Africa is strongly influenced by topics such as the reverse migration  of professionnals from the diaspora, infrastructure, development, digital or employment.

The results of the 2018 Mercer report demonstrate economic vitality in many African regions.

This report is very useful for expatriate profiles or members of the Diaspora wishing to return to Africa, and includes 44 african cities in a global ranking that includes 231 cities worldwide.

By analyzing data, collected in November 2017, Mercer experts, specializing in business consulting, have developed several criteria to measure the quality of life in different cities: entertainment, educational facilities, housing, transport services or again beauty of the landscape .

5 African cities in the world top 100


5 African cities have been selected under the category best quality of life in the world top 100 best cities for their modernity, accessibility etc.
Port-Louis (Mauritius) was ranked number 83 as the most pleasant city on the African continent, with a good natural climate, access to care, security, stable socio-political environment and economic dynamism.  in the world rankings.

South Africa and the Maghreb on top

Durban (South Africa) is ranked 2nd (89th in the world), followed by Cape Town and Johannesburg (South Africa), respectively 94th and 95th in the world. The city of Victoria (Seychelles) closes this African top 5, ranking 98th in the world.
The African top 10 meanwhile, includes the first five cities mentioned above, followed by Tunis (Tunisia), Rabat (Morocco), Casablanca (Morocco), Windhoek (Namibia) and Gaborone (Botswana) respectively.

French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa in the middle of the table

In this region of Africa, Dakar comes first (11th) followed by Libreville (12th) and Cotonou (17th).

Mercer Quality of Living Ranking 2018 of African cities

1 Port Louis 23 Kigali
2 Durban 24 Yaoundé
3 Le Cap 25 Douala
4 Johannesburg 26 Dar Es Salaam
5 Tunis 27 Luanda
6 Rabat 28 Lomé
7 Casablanca 29 Abidjan
8 Windhoek 30 Addis Abeba
9 Gaborone 31 Harare
10 Lusaka 32 Lagos
11 Dakar 33 Abuja
12 Libreville 34 Ouagadougou
13 Accra 35 Antananarivo
14 Kampala 36 Niamey
15 Le Caire 37 Bamako
16 Blantyre 38 Nouakchott
17 Cotonou 39 Conakry
18 Maputo 40 Kinshasa
19 Alger 41 Brazzaville
20 Banjul 42 N’Djamena
21 Nairobi 43 Khartoum
22 Djibouti 44 Bangui