With the new digital professions, the emergence of talents in the African Tech sector has boosted many fields of the local economy.

Despite big challenges in the recruitment of “tech-specialists” for companies, the prospects are very promising with the intensive return of talents from the diaspora. The latter play a very important role in the continent’s digital economy. Thanks to digital, Africa and its diaspora have come closer and common projects are created. An african digital entrepreneur states: “The digital creates links, helps to better understands realities, makes opportunities more visible, disrupts positively, participates in the development etc. In this context, Africa and its companies need expertise more than ever, especially from expatriate sons “. He adds: “Thanks to new technologies, Africans talents both local and in the Diaspora can fully put their digital genius at the service of employment and development. They understand it as a power and intend to use it. ” It is a new generation interactive, interconnected and open to multiculturalism, which develops its expertise brilliantly in the West and Africa and is emerging as a new power for Africa.

This new generation of African entrepreneurs operates through digital channels: creation of startups and e-businesses, launching projects in Africa etc. In addition, the massive presence of major companies switching to digital comes along with increasing recruitment needs. Currently, the African job market ignores geographical boundaries. The continent is more connected to itself and many pan-African companies are opening branches within Africa. With the increase of the “returnees” trend, Africa offers more chance to investors, diaspora professionals and local talents to access to opportunities outside their home countries. They understood that “Doing business” or the search for social success goes beyond geographic or racial considerations. The search for solutions to the problems of the continent is at the heart of their concerns. In this context, the African Tech needs more experts to better manage and boost growth on the continent. Recruitment in this sector of activity continues to increase and the challenges for the future even greater.