Finding a job in Africa is not easy for people with degrees, let alone for people without none. When you have left school with no diploma, it can be difficult for recruiters to have an interest in you. However no matter how difficult it can look for someone to get a job without a degree, it is not a lost cause…There is a lot of different help needed and plenty of sectors that hire people with no qualifications. Here, you will have few tips on how to find a job with no degree…


  1. Go to the dedicated services…

As a person without a degree,when you are looking for a job, think about going to the departments that are dedicated to people in the same situation as you. Those services will help you find the perfect job for you. They will also help you find vocational trainings. There is a lot of different kinds of departments depending on the country you are in.


  1. Go after the sectors that are hiring…

Despise what you think, not having a degree is not necessarily an obstacle to you finding a job considering the fact that many fields do not look for specific qualifications. That is the case in the transport field, for example, like delivery guys or taxi drivers. That is also the case in the rail transport where they hire people without degrees. The food service industry, sales, wholesale distribution, cleaning services are all among the sectors that are opened to people without degrees. Lastly, in the public sector certain public services don’t always require certain skills like the army.


  1. Think internships…

In the lieu of a degree, an internship could be an excellent option that could make your integration easier. It will allow you to gain experience in the field you want and improve your CV. It shouldn’t matter to you whether your internship is paid a little or not at all. What is important is to do one so you can show recruiters that you are motivated, and that is the key factor in job seeking. Remember that any experience is good experience.


  1. Point out your skills 

Much as a degree supposes you have knowledge and skills, not having one doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have skills. You excel at respecting deadlines or in teamwork? Do not hesitate to underline it on your CV and your cover letter. It could grab the attention of some recruiters especially those who are mostly interested in soft skills.


  1. Put everything on your network 

If you want to find a job with no degree, you must have several channels to better your chances. Your friends, the friends of your friends can all help you through word of mouth or via social networks. Put all your chances on your side by building a strong CV and creating a LinkedIn profile, for example.


  1. Be patient

Last but not least, it is important to know that job seeking sometimes takes a lot of time and can be fastidious even for people with degrees. That is the reason why, you should remain patient and not give up after the first few months. Learn to go around because climbing the ladder takes some time.