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Doing Business – Here is a recap of the African top destinations in terms of investments. This ranking is based on the Doing Business 2018, freshly published (tuesday, october 31st by the World Bank Group): a kind of “business weather report” to determine the best places in the world where the business climate is excellent, medium or hostile.

For this year (2018), the focus is on the ability of countries to introduce reforms for a business environment conducive to job creation. This justifies the title of the Doing Business 2018 report: “Reform to create jobs”.

And in this area, sub-Saharan Africa sets a new record, being the most represented region in the Doing Business 2018 ranking and being at the top of the most reforming countries, with three countries placed in the top 10 worldwide: Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia.

Kenya is nevertheless the African record holder in number of reforms implemented in recent years (6). Followed by Mauritania, Nigeria, Rwanda and Senegal with five reforms each, says the report.

As for North Africa, it is performing well in four areas: obtaining building permits, connecting to electricity, transferring ownership and paying taxes. In three areas, however, the region is lagging behind. These include obtaining loans, cross-border trading and insolvency settlement.

Thus, for the year 2018, the top 3 African countries where to invest is easier and profitable is as follows:

1- Mauritius (25th world)
2- Rwanda (41st world)
3- Morocco (69th worldwide)

Key indicators have been identified to measure business regulation and enforcement in 190 economies around the world, and in some cities at the subnational and regional levels.

These indicators help to determine the degree of regulation, for example the number of procedures needed to start a business or to register a commercial title.

Next, they assess the consequences of regulation, such as the time and cost required to perform a contract, the completion of bankruptcy proceedings, or the import and export of goods.

These indicators also measure the extent of the legal protection of the property, for example the protection of the investors against the abuses of company managers or the range of assets that can serve as a guarantee, in accordance with the laws on secured transactions.

Finally, a set of indicators makes it possible to assess the tax burden on businesses and measures various aspects inherent to the hiring of workers, Ecofin said in an analysis of the report.

2018 Doing Business Ranking of African Countries

  Pays Classement mondial Doing Business 2018 Classement mondial Doing Business 2017
01 Maurice         25ème           49ème
02 Rwanda         41ème           56ème
03 Maroc         69ème           68ème
04 Kenya         80ème           92ème
05 Botswana         81ème           71ème
06 Afrique du Sud         82ème           74ème
07 Zambie         85ème           98ème
08 Tunisie         88ème           77ème
09 Seychelles         95ème                 93ème
10 Lesotho        104ème           100ème
11 Namibie        106ème           108ème  
12  Malawi        110ème           133ème
13  Swaziland        112ème           111ème
14  Ghana        120ème           108ème
15  Ouganda        122ème           115ème
16  Cap Vert        127ème           129ème
17  Egypte        128ème           122ème
18  Tanzanie        137ème           133ème
19  Mozambique        138ème           137ème
20  Côte d’Ivoire        139ème           142ème
21  Sénégal        140ème           147ème
22  Mali        143ème           141ème
23  Niger        144ème           150ème
24  Nigeria        145ème           169ème
25  Gambie        146ème           145ème
26  Burkina Faso        148ème           146ème
27  Mauritanie        150ème           160ème
28  Benin        151ème           155ème
29  Guinée        153ème           163ème
30  Djibouti        154ème           171ème
31  Togo         156ème           154ème
32  Comores         158ème           153ème
33  Zimbabwe         159ème           161ème
34  Sierra Leone         160ème           148ème
35  Ethiopie         161ème           159ème
36  Madagascar         162ème           167ème
37  Cameroun         163ème           166ème
38  Burundi         164ème           157ème
39  Algérie         166ème           156ème
40  Gabon         167ème           164ème
41  Sao Tomé-et-Principe         169ème           162ème
42  Soudan         170ème           168ème
43  Liberia         172ème           174ème
44  Guinée Equatoriale         173ème           178ème
45  Angola         175ème           182ème
46  Guinée Bissau         176ème           172ème
47  Congo         179ème           177ème
48  Tchad         180ème           180ème
49  RD du Congo         182ème           184ème
50  Centrafrique         184ème           185ème
51  Libye         185ème           188ème
52  Sud Soudan         187ème           186ème
53  Erythrée         189ème           189ème
54  Somalie         190ème           190ème