What do the young executives want?


It would seem absurd for the recruiter to pay attention to the demands of young executives knowing that we are in a job market where the demand widely exceeds the supply. However, this approach is necessary for employers that want to hire the best profiles in order to have high quality human resources. For that, it is crucial to put your co-workers in the best working condition where their career aspirations are taken into consideration. Between developing a good network to having top notch missions, a personal life preserved, young executives have a wide range of demands. 

A rather rich professional network…

It is not a secret anymore. A good professional network is something that is very important for a young executive. A recent survey has actually proven that to be true by saying that 94% of young executives rely on their professional network.It is the reason why they never stop from growing their network. Whether it is internships in companies, traineeship, or vocational training, young executives never get enough of developing a good professional network that would help get their career to the next level. Basically, it is all about getting on field experience and skills that would make their profiles more appealing.

Getting interesting missions…

Beyond the financial consideration, young executives do need to feel empowered in the company unlike popular belief that the salary is the only thing that matter to them. According to the result of a recent survey from Ifop for Cadremploi, 79% of young executives under 35 feel that way and are opened about it with their elders. Managing to get an interesting mission is proof of a certain commitment to the functioning of the company. The young executives put a particular value to that decision that shows that the company have faith in them.

A rather flexible career plan…

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Unlike older executives, the younger ones are more opened to the idea of a professional retraining and show more flexibility to the possibility of bringing a change to their professional career. According to a BVA study, 81% of executives under 35 think that they could be led to switch professions (against 66% of executives altogether).  To a lesser extent, 58% of them are opened to do temporary work. 44% of the under 35 think that they could be led to change their status at one point of their career (against 33% of the 35-49 years old and 19% of the over 50). Finally, more than the other young people in general (70%), young executives say being ready to start a business of their own (81%). Also, a recent study solely focused on the aspirations of executives under 35 in general. It showed that 8 out of 10 executives worry about their career success on a daily basis, 70% of them have a optimistic view of their professional future despite plenty of bottlenecks here and there that have been noticed in the job market.

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