Client Challenge

Recruitment and wage portage of several Country Managers for a French industrial ETI.

Client’s Request: As part of a commercial development strategy without creating subsidiaries in Africa, recruit Country Managers in 5 countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco) while ensuring wage portage for the resources.

Proposed Solution

Recruitment of Resources: Headhunting service to identify and pre-select experienced candidates with a network in the client’s industry and capable of launching a business independently in the respective countries.

Wage Portage: For each recruited candidate, the client delegated to Talent2Africa the hiring process (employment contract drafting and validation by labor inspection), complete local reporting, salary payments, payslip issuance, benefits management (company car, insurance), and expense report management.


While avoiding the costs associated with establishing a subsidiary (accountants, lawyers), the client quickly (2 months for recruitment, 48 hours for employment contract drafting) benefited from a commercial presence in each targeted country.

The Country Managers, all nationals of the respective countries, were recruited under indefinite-term local contracts. Talent2Africa assumes the legal responsibility of the ported employees and handles all administrative constraints and legal obligations related to payroll and the accounting and tax management of Country Managers.

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    Portage Salarial for French Industrial ETI in Multiple African Countries