Client Challenge

Recruitment of executive directors for a national electricity supply public institution.

Client’s Request: In the context of a restructuring, recruit 10 directors and 30 assistant directors within a timeframe of 3 months, targeting talents from the country’s diaspora internationally.

Proposed Solution

Needs Assessment:

The objective of this audit is to align – in agreement with the client – the general guidelines to be followed during the project implementation, specify the Sourcing & Preselection methodology, and precisely define the profile of the candidates to be identified position by position.

This audit phase resulted in the following deliverables:

  • Methodological framework document
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Drafting of job descriptions – or revising job descriptions provided by the Client (with their approval) – used for posting advertisements
  • For each position, an evaluation grid was created to assess each candidate against the selection criteria.

Sourcing: Conducted a thorough search both regionally and internationally to identify qualified candidates, with special attention to diaspora talents.

Job Posting: Used regional and international recruitment channels, such as specialized websites in the client’s industry, professional networks, and partnerships with regional associations, to disseminate job offers and reach targeted candidates.

Methodology: Evaluated received applications through a double-interview process, allowing for more efficient handling of the mass of interviews to be conducted: an online interview coupled with a video conference interview.

For each shortlisted candidate, the client received the following:

  • CV
  • Online interview summary
  • Consultant’s HR summary following the video conference interview (strengths, areas of vigilance, essential information)
  • An evaluation grid of the candidate’s profile against the selection criteria.

Support for Selected Candidates: Provided logistical and administrative support to selected candidates to facilitate their integration as country representatives, including assistance with relocation procedures, administrative formalities, and professional transition.


Thanks to our expertise in regional and international sourcing and our customized preselection methodology for large projects, we successfully recruited the 10 directors and 30 assistant directors within the specified timeframe, with the majority of candidates from the diaspora based in Europe, North America, and elsewhere in Africa.

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    Restructuring of a Public Institution