Client Challenge

The client sought to recruit an experienced Director of Operations for the West Africa expansion of a US-based fintech startup located in Kenya. The objective was to hire an individual with a deep understanding of the fintech ecosystem, capable of overseeing operations in the West African region after conducting a preliminary market study and signing initial contracts to confirm the market potential.

Proposed Solution

In-depth Needs Analysis: We collaborated closely with the client to comprehend their challenges and explained the specific characteristics of the fintech sector in West Africa, including diverse available technologies, consumer preferences, and business regulations.

Definition of the Desired Profile: We identified the key skills required for the success of the startup’s expansion into West Africa, such as an in-depth knowledge of the regional market, experience in negotiating with local partners (Telco operators, banks), and the ability to manage business operations in a multicultural environment.

Targeted Search: We conducted a sourcing process to identify profiles with proven expertise in opening new markets in the region.

Rigorous Evaluation of Applications: We assessed applications considering candidates’ experience in similar roles in West Africa, their commercial track record, adaptability to Anglophone management and corporate culture, and their ability to develop strategic partnerships. Special attention was given to soft skills such as resilience, tenacity, curiosity, leadership, and problem-solving.


We successfully recruited a seasoned candidate who met the needs of the American startup for its West Africa expansion. The selected candidate had a thorough understanding of the fintech environment, a significant background in establishing key partnerships, and a demonstrated ability to navigate the complex regulatory and business landscape of West Africa. His prior experience in opening new markets and established network in the sector were crucial assets.

With his leadership, the startup successfully established itself in West Africa, formed key strategic partnerships, and developed a solid customer base. The Director of Operations played a crucial role in the company’s growth in the region, strengthening its market position and establishing a strong foundation for continuous expansion.

The client was highly satisfied with the recruitment, as the candidate not only met technical competency criteria but also brought a deep understanding of the local context, significantly contributing to the success of the West Africa expansion.

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    Recruitment of an Experienced Profile for West Africa Expansion for a US-based Fintech Startup in Kenya