Client Challenge

Recruitment of a bilingual French-English Business Developer for an international NGO based in Kenya and expanding to Dakar.

Client request: Present profiles that are bilingual in French and English with African experience in both francophone and anglophone countries, as well as a solid background in fundraising for NGOs.

Proposed Solution

In-depth needs analysis: We conducted detailed interviews with the client to understand their goals, organizational culture, and key skills sought in the candidate.

Targeted search: We conducted an in-depth search, leveraging the professional networks of our consultants (both Anglophone and Francophone) and using platforms specialized in recruiting for NGOs.

Candidate evaluation: We carefully evaluated received applications, considering experience in fundraising for NGOs, proficiency in French and English, and experience in both francophone and anglophone countries.

We conducted in-depth interviews with shortlisted candidates to assess their skills in business development, fundraising, and adaptability to a multicultural work environment.


We successfully recruited a highly qualified bilingual French-English Business Developer for the international NGO. The selected candidate had significant experience in fundraising for NGOs in both francophone and anglophone countries, demonstrating an understanding of diverse cultures and contexts. His proficiency in French and English enabled effective communication with international stakeholders.

The new Business Developer relocated to Dakar and quickly implemented effective business development and fundraising strategies for the NGO. Thanks to his expertise, the organization increased its financial resources, strengthened partnerships, and expanded its impact in the region.

The client was extremely satisfied with the recruitment, as the Business Developer contributed to achieving the NGO’s goals in terms of funding and growth. His ability to work in both francophone and anglophone environments was a major asset for developing strategic relationships with international partners and donors.

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