Client Challenge

Digital outsourcing service for an Artificial Intelligence & Big Data consulting company based in Paris.

Client request: Recruit and provide a dedicated team consisting of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Cloud Engineers who can work remotely from Dakar to meet the client’s needs for the French market.

Proposed Solution

Formation and provision of a dedicated full-time team of 10 data engineers, cloud engineers, and data scientists in Dakar for the client.

These engineers are employed, paid, and hosted by Talent2Africa Senegal and are provided for digital outsourcing on AI, Big Data, and Power BI projects.

The Data Scientists and Data Engineers are graduates of top-tier schools, with most being at the top of their class. They hold certifications, averaging at least 5 Microsoft certifications and 5 Open Source or cross-functional certifications. They also have a minimum proficiency in two cloud environments among Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google/Colab.

This Tech team, staffed and organized to tailor the client’s needs, works at Talent2Africa’s premises in Dakar.

The service includes dual project leadership: one on the client’s side in Paris and one on Talent2Africa’s side in Dakar.

Additionally, Talent2Africa provides the client with an HR contact responsible for overseeing the Tech resources’ activities, ensuring the quality of their work, and ensuring their well-being at work.


The client outsourced the AI and Big Data part of its Tech department.

Talent2Africa’s proven expertise in identifying and pre-selecting the best Tech profiles in Africa allows us to recruit and provide our clients with competent and immediately operational Tech  teams.

All aspects related to the management of these resources (replacement, recruitment, hiring, termination, etc.) are the exclusive responsibility of Talent2Africa.

Through this digital Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution, the client achieved significant cost savings: outsourcing Tech teams in Sub-Saharan Africa proves to be much more cost-effective than hiring or training personnel in the French market or relying on Tech service providers.

The client benefits from a team of talented and experienced Tech experts, native French speakers, as a solution to the Tech talent shortage in Europe. Furthermore, it gains access to specialized expertise and resources without having to invest in internal infrastructure or hire additional staff in France.

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