Client Challenge

Business Process Outsourcing service for a client in the education sector (Business School).

Client request: Provide a team of in-house pre-sales assistants tasked with processing and qualifying incoming leads (over 10,000 emails/year). The qualified leads are then handed over to sales managers for commercial closing.

Proposed Solution

Talent2Africa provided a dedicated full-time team to the client consisting of three qualification officers.

These resources, based in Abidjan, are employed and remunerated by Talent2Africa Côte d’Ivoire.

The provided resources are both French and English speakers to handle all leads, including English-speaking ones.

The mission of the qualification officers is to qualify all incoming leads received by the client every day. This qualification involves obtaining maximum information through telephone calls using an interview questionnaire co-created with Talent2Africa.

Additionally, Talent2Africa provides the client with a manager whose role is to train, supervise, and oversee the qualification officers. This includes implementing reporting mechanisms, ensuring the quality of their work, and guaranteeing the achievement of predefined objectives.


The client outsourced the qualification phase of its incoming leads.

All aspects related to the management of these resources (replacement, recruitment, hiring, termination, etc.) fall exclusively under the responsibility of Talent2Africa. Talent2Africa guarantees the client a contractual basis for three full-time resources.

Through this outsourcing, the client achieved significant cost savings in its pre-sales support activity and improved the quality of lead management while retaining control over the strategic part of the sales process—the closing of sales by its sales managers.

Since the implementation of this organization, the quality of lead processing has significantly improved, resulting in a doubling of the client’s revenue on some of its flagship products.

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    Outsourcing of Pre-sales Team