Client Challenge

Salaried management of the executive team of the Angolan subsidiary of an international group in the oil & gas sector.

Client request: In the context of accelerating its activities in Angola, which led to the arrival of a new Executive Committee (EXCO) composed of European expatriates, the client wants to be offered a salaried management solution that ensures a secure legal framework for its expatriates while optimizing the cost of the gross payroll for its Angolan EXCO.

Proposed Solution

Implementation of a dual contract under Mauritian law and local law for each member of the EXCO. The local employment contract allows expatriates to obtain a work visa and work legally in the country. The Mauritian employment contract allows the majority of the remuneration to be based on a legislative framework where taxes are less significant, thus achieving the most optimized gross employer cost for each expatriate.


The client outsources to Talent2Africa the accounting, tax, and legal management of its sponsored employees.
Implementation of a system combining a secure legal framework for the employee and a advantageous tax structure for the employer.

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    Fleet Management of Oil & Gas Expatriates