Client Challenge

Recruitment of the Executive Committee and middle management for a new Refined Salt Production Plant.

Client’s Request: Recruit the entire Executive Committee and middle management for the new production plant.

Proposed Solution

In-depth Needs Analysis: Worked closely with the client to understand the key positions to be filled within the Executive Committee and middle management , as well as the skills and experience required for each position in the context of the new plant.

Development of a Recruitment Strategy: Developed a recruitment strategy tailored to the situation of the new plant, taking into account factors such as geographical location, competition in the labor market, and the specificities of the food industry sector.

Candidate Sourcing: Prioritized a direct approach, both internationally and in the sub-region, for EXCO positions. For Mid level positions, we prioritized a comprehensive communication plan, including job postings, outreach to industrial associations, and collaboration with local engineering schools to identify qualified candidates passionate about the agro-industrial sector.

Methodology for Evaluating Applications: Carefully reviewed received applications, evaluating technical skills, relevant experience in the food industry, and the ability to work in a start-up environment.

Presentation of Selected Candidates: Presented the client with selected candidates for each position, providing detailed information about their professional background, technical skills, and motivation to contribute to the success of the new plant.

Supporting the Hiring Process: Collaborated closely with the client to facilitate final interviews, salary negotiations, and reference checks, ensuring transparent and efficient hiring processes.


Thanks to our strategic recruitment approach, we successfully formed the Executive Committee (recruitment of the General Manager, Administrative and Financial Director, Industrial Director, Commercial and Marketing Director, HR Director) and middle management (maintenance manager, production manager, HSE manager, sales representatives, headquarters support functions) for the new refined salt production plant. The selected candidates were qualified, motivated, and enthusiastic about contributing to the startup and growth of the new plant, bringing hope for economic development in the sub-region.

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    Recruitment of Executive Committee (EXCO) in the Agro-Industry Sector