Client Challenge

A Senegalese start-up distributing solar kits approached us to recruit a Financial and Administrative Manager who had been trained in France with professional experience in Europe.

A major challenge was attracting candidates to a start-up project, especially when diaspora candidates prioritize career opportunities within multinational subsidiaries.

Proposed Solution

Conduct targeted headhunting using professional social networks and alumni associations of French business schools to target candidates with a French education. Thoroughly search the Talent2Africa database (200,000 CVs) and our network to find profiles matching the client’s specific criteria.

Pre-selection methodology: Our interview methodology allows us to validate the candidate’s motivation factors, professional skills, sector expertise, soft skills, and primary personality traits

During the interviews, our consultants highlighted the specific advantages of working for a start-up, emphasizing growth opportunities, social impact, and professional autonomy.


Despite the preference of talents to work for large companies in Dakar, we succeeded in finding an excellent profile meeting the client’s requirements. The hired Financial and Administrative Manager was educated in Europe and had prior professional experience in the desired field.

The selected candidate was motivated by the growth and social impact opportunities offered by the Senegalese start-up. His European experience allowed him to bring in-depth knowledge of financial and administrative management, as well as a valuable international perspective.

The hired candidate quickly adapted to the start-up environment and contributed significantly to its growth and success. His strong expertise and commitment to the company’s vision were recognized and appreciated by the client. The Financial and Administrative Manager played a key role in the start-up’s development and success, contributing to its financial stability and sustainability.

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