Professional relationships: how to handle a difficult colleague?

Professional relationships are not always cordial just like any other relationship. Most of the time, the life at the workplace will force us to work with colleagues that are difficult to handle. Whether they are colleagues bosseses or employers, difficult people in a company can have a negative impact on your mood. If you do have control over the right attitude you should have against them, they can make your life a living hell. It is draining to deal with them emotionally, mentally and physically unless you know the game they are playing. Unfortunately you find those type of people in all work categories from small businesses, SMEs to large companies. But how do we deal with them? Let’s find out!

burn out

Prepare your comeback

A difficult colleague will find pleasure in triggering a defensive, angry, scared or even sad attitude in you. His ultimate goal is to break you down in order to have control over your emotions. Don’t give him that power because it is up to you to let him win or stop him right away. Even the smallest expression on any emotion will let him think that he has control over you. To avid that you must get your comeback ready and watch your back. Have 2 or 3 sentences in your mind you could use when you feel some malicious attacks coming at you. You will put him in check.

Choose to stay calm instead of getting angry

Most of the difficult people feed over the angry outbursts of their victims. They will feel like they have won the minute something happen that show the emotional state of the victim. That is the reason why you should never break under pressure no matter what happens. When you are with him, be over him. To do that you must be able to manage your own anger before you talk to him. In any case, be unbothered and answer in a calm matter. He will get confused…

Do not ever feel guilty about a difficult person

Some difficult manipulative people are so good at making you feel guilty for something they have done. Don’t ever fall for that sneaky trick because you are not the problem. You are the victim actually. Unfortunately if you didn’t get that, you might sometimes feel guilty. It’s also important for you to remember that you are manipulated into feeling bad about yourself.

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