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Afrique : La place de la femme dans la croissance africaine

18 Apr: Africa: where do women stand in the development of Africa ?

The role, women could play in social-economic development has always been an important topic for researchers all around the world. Especially in Africa where there is a misconception of what a woman really is and because of that, they are viewed as second class citizens. Despise all that, we must admit that the African continent cannot be truly developed without women.

Climat des affaires : ces pays africains qui devancent l’Europe …

16 Apr: Those african countries that are getting ahead of Europe

Doing business in Africa is not complicated anymore, at least in some parts of the continent. Indeed, this last few years, lots of reforms have been put in place in order to make it easier to do business in those countries. In practice,those reforms resulted in creating a business environment that is more convenient and attractive. At least, that is what have been said during the 2019 edition of World Bank’s “Doing Business”.

Les causes de la marginalisation de l’Afrique dans le Commerce mondial : Pour une déconstruction des stéréotypes

02 Apr: The reasons behind the marginalization of Africa in World Trade

Just like a boomerang, discussions about why Africa can’t benefit from world trade keep coming back, harder and stronger. According to World Bank and the IMF, Africa is guilty of not adjusting to the neoliberal economy and therefore not being capable of measuring up to the World Trade system. Even though it is hard to escape from a cliché, this simplistic opinion couldn’t be further from the truth.