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A Job Concierge to facilitate your job researche

  • Structure your job search
  • Receive job offers that match you
  • Know your market better: salaries, recruiting companies




Talent2Africa provides you with a JOB CONCIERGE for 1, 3 or 6 months to answer all your questions and in unlimited way.

A Consultant to optimize your application

  • Optimize your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile
  • Identify your key skills and learn to value them
  • Train for your next recruitment interview
  • Build your professional project
  • Successfully complete the trial period in your new job


Talent2Africa provides you with a qualified CONSULTANT to assist you on an ad hoc basis on the theme of your choice.

They used our Career Advice services, their testimonials:

Gnombléhi Kouléon
Financial Controller, ICCF®

I was able to speak at my ease and share my concerns. I also had very useful and relevant advice.

Latifa Diack - ENG
Communication Advisor

The Talent2Africa team was very responsive to my request. In a call, Olivia allowed me to put forward assets that I did not necessarily note in my old resume. With effective advice, my Resume became more impactful!

Joan Le Fur
Social Entrepreneur

The consultant took the time to review all the sections of my CV and she suggested improvements that seemed to me to be relevant both in substance and in form. The consultant was available and attentive.